Best FREE WordPress Button Plugins to Create Converting Call-to-Action (With Examples)

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Call to Action (CTA) buttons are playing a key part in any website’s marketing plan.

Eighter you selling a product or simply want to lead your visitors to another page of your blog, a good Call to Action button is necessary.

But what’s making a button good?

  • It grabs the user attention
  • It has a high percentage of conversion
  • It stands out while being a part of the website design
  • It’s using modern design trends

To get a better idea and some good examples of call-to-actions check out this article.

In your WordPress pages and posts, you have two main ways of quickly adding a button anywhere you want:

  1. By using a plugin/shortcode
  2. By using a button as an image

In this post, we’ll focus on the first method, by using a shortcode.

If you’d like to use an image as a button you can find tons of ready-made buttons by searching in PikTab.

WordPress Button Plugins

There are a lot of button plugins in the WordPress repository, but many of them are just a waste of time.

We want a plugin with at least some customization options, so we can build the button the way we want while keeping it simple and uncomplicated.

An easy to use user interface, that makes adding a button quick and smooth is also a must.

If your website is using Visual Composer, you have to check these 4 Visual Composer Addons, which make adding beautiful buttons extremely easy!

You also want to check out what your theme has to offer in terms of button shortcodes. Most of the WordPress themes come with its own shortcodes, including buttons (they will often suck).

Now let’s see the best button plugins available for FREE.

1. Shortcodes Ultimate

Shortcodes Ultimate is providing a solution not only for buttons plugin but for over 50 different shortcodes.
Best FREE WordPress Button Plugins to Create Converting Call-to-Action (With Examples) 7

As for the buttons, the plugin offers several styles and some nice customization options. It has 9 pre-made styles to choose from and the option to preview your button before inserting it into your page.

You can build different styles and save a preset. This way you can load your desired button preset next time you need it, and insert it really quick.

Some Button Style examples:

Weee, that’s some awesome buttons. You can download Shrtcodes Ultiamte for Free – here!

2. Olevmedia Shortcodes Buttons

Best FREE WordPress Button Plugins to Create Converting Call-to-Action (With Examples) 8

I love this simple plugin for its simplicity and effortless usability.

I’ve already shown you how to create beautiful Pros & Cons boxes with Olevmedia Shortcodes, now when it comes to buttons it also has something to offer you.

This plugin gives you the option to set the hover color of the button text and background and the exact size in px.

Let’s see some live examples of the button styles you can acheive with the plugin:

XL Button With extra description

Download the Free Plugin Here!

3. MaxButtonsBest FREE WordPress Button Plugins to Create Converting Call-to-Action (With Examples) 9

MaxButtons is a dedicated buttons plugin. This makes it more flexible and customizable in comparrrison with the prevoius two plugins.

With Max Buttons you have to create your button style first, then save it and add it to any post or page from the plugin’s menu in the editor.

The plugin gives you styling options such as – choosing the text font and padding, text shadow, button radius and border color, gradient background and more.

Once you create your desired style, just add it to your post or page by clicking the “MaxButtons” icon from the editor menu:Best FREE WordPress Button Plugins to Create Converting Call-to-Action (With Examples) 10

Download This Free Plugin Here!

We constantly follow the latest plugins, by far this is the best three from my personal experience. If I have to choose, definitely Shortcodes Ultimate is my favorite, being not just a buttons plugin but also giving you many more shortcodes to use.

If you use some other button plugin more, share it with us in the comments below.

4. Gutenberg Blocks – Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg

Best FREE WordPress Button Plugins to Create Converting Call-to-Action (With Examples) 11

As you can tell from the name this plugin is built to work with the new WordPress block editor, known as Gutenberg.

This is not just a buttons plugin, the plugin comes with 19 free to use blocks. Just make sure you are using WordPress 5.0+ on your website.

The creators have done some really good job with the design of the elements, everything is looking modern and sleek.

As for the buttons you can choose from two options:

  • Marketing Button (the one from the picture above)
  • Call to Action – more standard button, but still with enough customization options.

Download This Free Plugin Here!

5. Forget About Shortcode Buttons

Best FREE WordPress Button Plugins to Create Converting Call-to-Action (With Examples) 12

This one is an alternative approach, which doesn’t use any shortcodes like the plugins above but adds CSS buttons to your pages.

The plugin aims to add the buttons in the lightest way possible, without any extra HTML code.

Something very cool about Forget About Shortcode Buttons is the adding and editing process, which is easy and flexible.

You have to double click on your button to open the initial window to edit it. The plugin has several different styles and it features Fash Icons and Font Awesome icons!

Download This Free Plugin Here!

I Hope you enjoy this FREE plugin and create the most amazing buttons for your website! If you want to learn how to create even more appealing content, check out these 5 Free Graphic Content Resources! These are all the resources I use to run this blog.

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