5 Free Graphic Content Resources to Keep Your Blog Posts Fresh

You’ve might experienced it by yourself. Opening a blog post and being hooked to the very end of it.

Great writing is very important, there is no arguing about that. But thanks to the dynamic world we’re living in, the human attention span is so short that even your amazing writing skills would not be enough to capture it.

This is where structuring the visual part of your posts is coming to fight on your side! And in this post, we’ll show you the best places to find awesome FREE resources for your next post.

When it comes to creating beautiful posts in WordPress you don’t need much, but a willingness to put some more time and effort, and know which are the right tools to choose.

So take your time and don’t hurry to hit that Publish button.

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Resources  for Superb-Looking Images

As visual creatures, we are conditioned to respond to images. They can grab our attention and give us valuable information in just milliseconds.

According to the infographic below posts with well-selected images have 94% more views than posts without images!

“alt” tag to your images will also increase the chance of your page ranking higher in the search results.

It’s All About the Images [infographic by MDG Advertising]
Infographic by MDG Advertising

Images will make your post more likable and way more readable. But how to know that the images you use are actually good?

Having a good sense of what is good and what is bad comes with practice and experiencing both parts yourself.

There are certain trends in illustration and stock images that you don’t need to know in detail, just browse these websites and you will 100% pick a quality image!

1. FREE PIK – All the best illustrations in one place

If you already don’t know, Frepik is the place to download all the best illustrations, photos, mock-ups, banners, printable templates and so much more…

And all this for free.

There are also premium designs, but you can find a ton of free ones, which don’t lack quality compared to the paid alternatives.

Most of my posts use images from FreePik, just remember if you are using images without a subscription, you’ll have to contribute by placing a backlink to their site, from the page where you used the resource.


2. Gifs – Create your personal gifs from any video

With Gifs you can paste any YouTube video link and crop a specific part of it, then add captions, stickers, and other effects – all in your browser!

I love how easy this tool works, if your content allows it, some gifs can be a perfect addition to your posts.


3. Creative Market’s Happy Monday

Creative Market is one of the biggest digital marketplaces and it has a lot of incredible digital resources at affordable prices.

But this post is all about free goods and Creative Market is offering 6 Premium goods every week. So just make sure to register a free account and check every week for the items that will suit your needs.

4. GraphicBurger

While the above 3 resources were more images related, at Graphic Burger you will find all kinds of Free graphic content for your post or product.

For example, I use it when I search for fresh Mock-ups, but it also offers icon sets, UI Kits, ready-to-use text effects, and much more.

What I like about GraphicBurger is that the site gets updated often, so every visit offers you something new.

5. Canva

Canva is very useful for those of you not good with software like Adobe Photoshop.

Actually, with Canva you will be able to make better graphic designs than most of the Photoshop professionals (I swear). This is thanks to the great library of ready-made design templates Canva designers made for you.

You can change everything – colors, add your photos and objects, add effects, and choose your favorite font.

Here are the types of designs you can choose from

This will make sure you will have optimal design with the right dimensions, based on your marketing goals.

Canva is gold and the best thing is, are you ready? It’s FREE. It has a premium membership, but Free works perfectly for any task you’ll have.

P.S. I made the featured image of this post using Canva.

Bottom Line

Nowadays the Internet offers us everything we need for free. Just make sure to give credit when you have to because that work is truly amazing and the authors are giving it to us all for free. so spread the word and you will get even more choices next time.

So spread the word and you will get even more choices next time.

Featured image by PixelBuddha

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