ZipWP – Generate AI WordPress Website in 60 seconds for Free. Wait what?

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Just when I thought it couldn’t get any easier than 1-click importing demo content, comes on the scene to shatter my beliefs.

Let me say it again – create a fully functional, multi-page WordPress site with high-quality images, sections, and content, all that by simple prompt and 60-100 seconds for ZipWP to generate it.

Oh, and the best part? It’s all free!

After some time, the list hasn’t moved a place forward, and all the hype from a preview video might have been too hasty.

How does ZipWP work?

ZipWP promises to simplify the process and deliver stunning results in just 60 seconds.

ZipWP is eliminating the pain points of traditional website building. All it takes is describing your business idea in your own words, and the AI does the rest. Just like you prompt chatGPT to write you something, ZipWP will generate a website.

The AI picks the perfect design for your website, along with professionally written, persuasive copy tailored to your business. Relevant visuals and images are seamlessly integrated, crafting a complete, professional website ready to launch in just 60 seconds.

The Biggest Con of ZipWP

Well, it’s just words so far. Because if we want to try it, we have to join the waitlist and wait in line for our turn.

I think I was pretty quick to enter the waitlist, and I’m #7550 which I have no idea how good or bad that is.

We’ll see how it goes. In the preview video on their website, everything looks amazing and seamless, but let’s not get too hyped up before we test it ourselves.

If you want to try it yourself, hop on the waitlist and don’t forget to share your ref URL with friends and colleagues, because this can push you 20 positions ahead. Now sign up from my link, please 😀

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