Blog Income Reports 2020 – See How They Did it so You Can Do it Too

Income Reports 2020

Last Updated on September 11, 2020

Income reports are a source of motivation for a lot of bloggers and non-bloggers who think of starting their own website.

Seeing the success and the exact methods that led to it can spark the entrepreneurial spirit in every one of us.

This is a great source of practical knowledge if the post is written well. Don’t mistake these kinds of posts for bragging, if used wisely you can benefit a lot from them.

I’ve decided to collect all income reports from 2020, I could find, because most of the income report posts out there are outdated. They include income reports from 2-3 years ago, and during this time many things have changed in the marketing, SEO, and earning channels.

Without further ado, let’s see how much bloggers made in 2020.

Bloggers Income Reports 2020 🤑

  1. Those Positive Thoughts – $250.28
  2. Lifestyle with Leah$309.30
  3. A Fresh Start on a Budget$577
  4. Travel By Maya$686
  5. Mom Makes Joy –  $1,037.70
  6. Financial Flamingo$1,043.63
  7. Thyme and Joy$2008.63
  8. Another Mommy Blogger$2261.60
  9. It’s Alan Young$2767.02
  10. The Introvert Coach$13,695.50

Takeaways from this post:

👉 Use Mediavine If you cover the requirements ($25К sesions in the previous 30 days.

👉 Ditch Google Adsense

👉 Work on your Pinterest Strategy

👉 Be a Mom / have a ‘girly’ blog – see good feminine themes here

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