About me

My name is Bo (yes that’s for short) and I started using WordPress 16 years ago when I was 14 years old (you do the math).

Ever since then I have never stopped coming up with new ideas and projects. Bought a bunch of themes and plugins, some never even made it to a live website. I tried e-commerce, tried personal blogs, fan pages, and affiliate blogs, and now I’m here.

And no matter the success (or the failure) of the projects, I always felt extremely good creating with WordPress and expressing my ideas through the web.

In the years after I graduated, I started a few jobs as a Webmaster, and later I was a content manager for a local company with 5-6 websites. I was doing everything from writing content to web design and landing pages.

All this experience brought me to the idea of starting wpctrl.com and sharing what I’ve learned, and if somebody benefits from it – that would be even better.

Most of the content I write myself, except when my webmaster friends ask me to post something they have written.

– Bo