4 WordPress Jobs (No Coding Required) – How to Start a New Career With No Previous Experience

WordPress career paths

Do you have a WordPress Blog?

Maybe you love WordPress and you absolutely love to manage it, change the theme, write a new post, find the most suitable plugin, but you don’t earn any money from it.

This is a typical scenario a lot of people find themselves in.

Have you thought about putting all this passion and knowledge, you have gained so far, into getting a full-time job, related to WordPress?

WordPress is used by millions of companies and websites around the world, and there is a place for everybody who has the interest and skills.

Nowadays, it’s a fantastic career move to learn WordPress development and become an expert in the field. Supporting and developing WordPress is a lucrative and fulfilling career path.


It might be easier to start a WordPress job than you think. Keep reading.

But I don’t have any Degree or Certificate, how could they pick me?

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This might come to your mind, but I’ll tell you the absolute truth right now.

You don’t need one!

Those years are in history now, when it was more important what paper you possess, rather than what skills you have.

And this is especially true in the IT sector (where WordPress is standing).

You’ll only lose your time and money if you thinking of applying to a university, in order to get a digital marketing degree.

IT sphere is so dynamic, so no university program can catch with it.

The best and most effective learning method is to follow the trends and implement these practices in real life.

Trust me, You are Good Enough

I know a job description may look complicated at first, and you can tell yourself you are not skilled enough for this or that position.

The truth is that if you ever managed to create a website with WordPress by yourself, go through the process of buying a domain name and hosting, and putting your site online, then you are far ahead of the crowd.

Maybe you were already involved in some of these activities with your site, without even realizing it:

  • Installing a theme
  • Installing plugins
  • Setting up your theme colors, typography, menus, and widgets
  • Writing a blog post
  • Creating pages (about me, contacts, etc.)
  • Doing basic SEO
  • Installing tracking codes (Google Analytics, Facebook pixel)

Congrats these tasks characterize you as a Webmaster (and Webmaster is actually a real job, but we’ll get to this later)

Another Thing to Have in Mind

Companies like to do things based on your in-house protocols.

Your future employers will teach you everything you need before you start doing the real work.

So you just need to cover the basics and not worry about the rest.

Ok, but what Should I Add to my Resume if I never had Previous experience?

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This one is can be scary when you face your empty CV page.

But don’t freak out, even If you have zero work experience you can still turn things around to look compelling to the hiring team.

First, write what you actually are.

My first resume about me page (when I had zero office experience before) looked like that:

I’m a passionate, easy-going, young webmaster, who is in love with everything WordPress. I love doing what I do. I’m weirdly addicted to the feeling when I see the end product online. I’m admiring the beautiful design and trying to create one myself.

I‘m always trying to keep in touch with the latest trends and practices in the digital world and offer up to
date solutions.

and I also added all my “Freelance projects” which at the time were just my own websites I have created and managed as a hobby.

Which looked something like this.

Webmaster at somesite.com from year X to year Y

Main tasks: CMS maintenance, editing content, SEO, managing social profiles

It’s not a lie, and it’s not a “real job” neither, but it is more than honest and I had nothing to be ashamed of.

If you are heading for a content writer job/copywriter add links to your own posts (just pick the better ones), if you love to write and have a good level of English (not like mine) you can do that job.

What Actuall Jobs Can I Apply To?

I have spent quite some time in the last years, working as a solopreneur (without working on a contract for anybody) and I was constantly looking at job listings to see what’s in there for me.

I can also say I have a near to 100% success rate when I decide to apply for a job – while relying only on the skills I learned in my blogging career.

Let’s jump to the main purpose of this post and see some real job listings available on the market right now (2021)

Probably it’s best to look at your local job boards or add your preferences to your Linkedin profile.

Otherwise, you can check sites like WPhired.com for some fresh openings.

Find WordPress Jobs with No coding (or previous experience) Required

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WordPress Administrator


  • Manage website maintenance and enhancements – This means simply… nothing in particular.
  • Manage a consistent and compelling visual style for the WordPress websites – This means- Please just don’t f&*k things up and it will be good.
  • Design, code, and edit the layout and functionality of the websites – Make sure you know what H1 and H2 title is, don’t use copyrighted images, and understand plugins functionality.
  • Evaluate, customize, implement and debug WordPress plug-ins; do custom plug-in coding when needed – wait a minute that’s not something an administrator is supposed to do.

Are you eligible? Yes ✔️


  • Previous experience of web content management – Your site, you managed it. You have it.
  • Experience with HTML and knowledge of CMS systems – HTML is just what browsers see. Like when you switch to text in the editor. You have it.
  • Experience with Photoshop or another similar program for image editing. Wait that’s not a Webmasters’ thing to do.

Are you eligible? Yes ✔️

Content Writer

  • Blog content ideation and publishing – This means, having an idea of what the company does and writing in this niche.
  • Newsletters writing and distribution – you know, those annoying things your inbox is full of.
  • Knowledge base article writing and keyword research – You know basic SEO? You are good to go.
  • Content calendar and coordination of all publishing pieces – Basically – “we will teach you how to use our calendar/task managment app”

Are you eligible? Yes ✔️

Digital Marketing Specialist

(This looks like a fancy job title, let’s see if we can do this)

  • Copy skills for internet marketing (articles and diffusing contents), publishing, and realizing newsletters. – You need good writing skills, proper grammar, and know what clickbait titles are.
  • Understanding WordPress functionality and in any case ability to solve problems – Don’t break the site basically.
  • Basic experience with Web publishing and MARKETING (for example conducting even a personal blog) is a strong plus. – YES! That’s what this post is all about. Have experience managing your own website and you are good to go.
  • IT skills are also appreciated – Have you used MS Office, Notepad, or e-mail, hope you did.

Are you eligible? Yes ✔️

That’s Great, But I Don’t Have a Website

If you are curious and really want to invest the time and start your first real website (yes, not that Wix bs), you can start immediately.

Today you can find cheap hosting for as little as $1 / month. Choose your domain name and the rest is up to you.

You can find more about how easy is to set up a WordPress website from scratch here.

Final Thoughts

With all the Covid changes going on, It’s easier than ever to get an online job and WordPress is the most used content management system for almost all digital businesses.

If it’s not a senior or some very high-level position, go ahead and apply (if you want a full-time job).

Most of the time you’ll find that it is not scary at all to try something new. The best part is that you will become better and more experienced, so you will be able to take these new skills for your future development and apply them.

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