Freebies Website with WordPress (Best Themes and Practices)

Freebies Website with WordPress (Best Themes and Practices) 1

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Freebies websites are great for organic traffic, they tend to rank well because of their nature.

If you don’t know what a “Freebies Website” is, here are some good examples of popular free resources websites:

Using a specialized theme for your digital freebies can help you a great deal with the administration and better user navigation – something that does not come standard in most of the themes.

If you plan to create such a website we’ve collected some of the best WordPress themes in the game for you!

1. Reco

Reco Theme homepage

Reco is a fresh theme by EstudioPatagon. It has 3 different layouts for the homepage and promises fast speed with it’s optimized code.

Features-wise the theme offers only 6 custom shortcodes and 9 custom widgets.

2. Breek

Freebies Website with WordPress (Best Themes and Practices) 2

Breek is another theme by EstudioPatagon, so it looks similar to Reco.

The theme minimal and easy to setup, and the speed scores are amazing. The design is modern and beautiful.

Customers say they are very satisfied with the support provided by the author.

3. Bimber

Freebies Website with WordPress (Best Themes and Practices) 3

Bimber is a very popular theme for viral websites with a freebies template. The theme comes rich in ad placing options and some useful marketing tools.

Design-wise Bimber has a unique Dark mode and handy file information below the download button.

Freebies Website with WordPress (Best Themes and Practices) 4

4. Horizon

Freebies Website with WordPress (Best Themes and Practices) 5


Horizon is a theme by FastWP. The theme is compatible with Gutenberg blocks, it’s fast and optimized for mobile devices.

You can choose from 5 different Homepage layouts, 7 custom widgets, and 3 blog layouts.

Tips for Starting a Freebies Website

Freebies websites are awesome, everyone loves free resources. Just make sure you follow the right sources and post fresh freebies often. These kinds of sites get lots of backlinks and rank high in Google SERP.

Some of the digital products you can include:

  • Mock-ups
  • Free Icons
  • Backgrounds
  • Text Effects
  • Banners / Ads
  • Fonts
  • Free stock photos

Monetizing a Freebie Website

Freebies Website with WordPress (Best Themes and Practices) 6

Right of the bat, it could look confusing. I’ll be posting free resources and earn money?

If you develop your site well and you steadily get organic traffic you could start mixing things a little bit.

Premium Products

From time to time suggest a premium product that fits your current post topic. For example, if you share 5 free t-shirt Mock-ups, at the end suggest a premium one from sites with Affiliate programs, such as Creative Market.

Google Adsense

You won’t make thousands of dollars showing Google ads, but at least you will see some payoff for your efforts if it’s enough to cover your hosting expenses you are good.

Bottom Line

If you have a passion for sharing the free stuff you found, go ahead and start your own website. It shouldn’t be something huge at the beginning. Start small and build it as you go.


Bozh has been creating websites with WordPress for 15 years. He was lazy to learn how to code, so he mastered the art of making quality web projects without coding skills. He started with the idea to share his knowledge and personal experience, and suggest better alternatives to its users.
Freebies Website with WordPress (Best Themes and Practices) 7

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