How to turn your WordPress WooCommerce Shop to Catalog?


Last Updated on March 20, 2020

What is WooCommerce Catalog Mode?

Catalog mode lets you display your products without selling them directly.

By default, your WooCommerce functionality serves as a standard e-shop. There is a list of reasons you might want to just show your products without accepting direct user purchases. Some of them include:

  • You can’t maintain an up to date price list – If you run a small shop in a dynamic niche, with no staff team, keeping up with actual prices of the manufacturers can get complicated. This can lead to selling products аt a loss or dealing with clients dissatisfaction.
  • You sell custom products – If your products are unique and per-user customizable, you probably can’t put one price for all. You will first need a user quote, describing all the details, in order for you to send back your price and shipping info.
  • Your store offers personalized services.

How to turn WooCommerce shop to Catalog?

As always there are free and paid plugins to do that task. Basically what these plugins do are:

  • Hide the “Add to Cart” / Replace it with “Quote” button.
  • Hide the Checkout and Cart pages.
  • Hide the Prices of your products.
  • Add Inquiry form to let the users send quotes.

WooCommerce Catalog

We’ll start with the free once.

I’ve tested several free plugins meant for this purpose and got poor to “will do it” results in the process.

Many of these plugins offer a tiny bit of functionality in the free version and lots of features in their Pro (paid) version.

Most of the time if you use a plugin to turn your pages to catalog, you’ll have to edit some additional stuff, like removing the cart icon in your header or removing some shop widgets.

How to turn your WordPress WooCommerce Shop to Catalog? 4

WooCommerce Catalog Enquiry

This plugin offers almost everything you need in terms of having a functional, easy to set-up catalog for your store.

From the settings screen of WooCommerce Catalog Enquiry, you can quickly tick the options you want for your catalog. The main features include:

  • Dynamic inquiry form with option to chose and modify the labels
  • Remove Price from product pages
  • Fully customizable button
  • Redirect to custom page after user sends an inquiry
  • Receive E-mail with the inquiries
  • Exclude specific products or categories
  • Captcha

The form appears in cool modal window, making the whole process smooth and uuser-friendly

How to turn your WordPress WooCommerce Shop to Catalog? 5


Other Plugins for Switching to Catalog

I was looking for a complete solution to turn WooCommerce shop to catalog, with the option for users to send product quotes.

What I discovered while trying different popular plugins:

1. YITH WooCommerce Catalog Mode

The whole plugin settings page includes 4 options! The free version lacks most of the features. It has a fully featured Pro version though. This plugin can do only these:

  • Hide the “Add to cart” button
  • Disable shop pages (cart, checkout etc.)

That’s all.

2. Woocommerce Catalog Mode

This is a far more rich in functionality catalog plugin. For some reason, the custom button never appeared on my pages. This plugin gives you the option to set a specific page leading to the quote form. However, you’ll have to configure it all on your own, install contact form plugin and set it up.

Best Premium Solution – WooCommerce Request a Quote – $19

How to turn your WordPress WooCommerce Shop to Catalog? 6

This is by far the most complete solution for having a fully functional Catalog with an option for receiving users’ quotes.

Some of the features include:

  • Widget with dynamic refresh
  • Order creation – You can set the plugin to transform every received quote to order in the WooCommerce.
  • Multiple third-party form plugins
  • Replaces the “Add to Cart” button with “Add to Quote


Add custom link to the Button (Skype, Phone call, E-mail)

How to turn your WordPress WooCommerce Shop to Catalog? 7

WooCommerce Hide Price, Hide Add to Cart Plugin is a premium plugin that gives you lots of great options, such as adding links for skype, phone call or any other custom button.

You can also specify which prices to hide based on the visitor country. It can also add a contact form for quick quotation.

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