7 Essential WordPress Plugins for Affiliates (FREE and Must-Have)

Affiliate marketing is one of the main ways, many bloggers use to monetize their blog traffic.

It has huge potential and multiple sources to fit with your blog’s content.

If you are planning to start a WordPress affiliate blog or you already have one and want to improve your results, these plugins for affiliates will give you a good foundation for one functional affiliate website.

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1. RankMath SEO Plugin

This one is pretty obvious but if you are still not paying attention to your search engine optimization, you have to start.

Most affiliate blogs’ traffic comes from organic searches. This is your best shot and you have to use it in your favor. Do your keyword research and optimize your blog posts accordingly!

RankMath will handle the technical part of SEO. This plugin is currently the best-rated SEO plugin and its fanbase is growing bigger every day.

Read my detailed RankMath vs. Yoast Review

2. Shortcodes Ultimate Plugin

Having appealing content is vital in affiliate marketing. Your readers will hardly click on any affiliate link if your posts are just a wall of text.

If you want to grab your visitors’ attention and increase your conversions, plain links in your articles won’t get much done.

By adding interactive content like – pros and cons boxes, buttons, notes, dividers, tooltips, images, etc. you will increase drastically your conversation rate.

3. Affiliate Booster – Pros & Cons, Notice, and CTA Blocks for Affiliates

Affiliate Booster – Pros & Cons, Notice, and CTA Blocks for Affiliates

This one I found recently. I know it makes my post about pros and cons boxes pretty useless now, but such is life.

Even the small image above can show you almost everything this plugin provides.

It is working fine with the Gutenberg editor, so after installing the plugin you will find the elements in your Blocks list.

Check also these FREE button plugins to create a high converting CTA!

4. ThirstyAffiliates Link Cloaking Plugin

Link cloaking is a method of shortening your endless affiliate links, with shorter, better-looking ones, while keeping your domain name in the URL.

In simple words, ThirstyAffiliates will make your affiliate links look like this:

  • yourdomain.com/go/servicename

You can choose the “subfolder” name from a list of commonly used suggestions.

By doing this you get several benefits:

  • Track outbound clicks in Google Analytics
  • Control over link settings
  • Gain trust and stay handy

Note: Some affiliate networks don’t allow cloaked links. Make sure to check your affiliate partner’s rules and guidelines before adding cloaked links!

5. TablePress for Comparison Tables

Comparison tables are another powerful tool, affiliate bloggers use to generate leads and conversions.

Table maker is easy to use responsive table plugin, with whose help you will build appealing tables for the products you promote.

You can also add some custom styling to your TablePress to make it even more appealing to your readers.

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6. Ad Inserter Plugin

Ad Inserter is an ad management plugin that allows you to insert ads in multiple locations with just a few clicks (seriously It’s very easy).

The plugin has 16 blocks and 12 positions to auto-insert the block (before and after the post; before and after content; before and after paragraph; before and after the excerpt; between posts; before, between, and after comments), or you can put it manually anywhere you want using a shortcode.

You can display anything in the ad block, including shortcodes, images, or javascript.

It’s a great way to push hard a campaign and get the most clicks without editing tens of articles manually.

7. HashBar – WordPress Notification Bar

Notification bars provide a great way to catch the user’s attention in an elegant way.

You can feature any affiliate deal or some downloadable freebie.

HashBars give you plenty of features for a free plugin, you can add any custom shortcode, image, icons, and everything else you can put in a regular post or page.

HashBar is actually functioning as a custom post type.

You can also choose where and when to display the notification bar.

Note that HashBar is not working with Ad Inserter. Enabling it, while you have an active ad block will result in your ad showing in your notification bar!

The Bottom Line

I hope this article will help you improve your blog and generate more conversions from your affiliate links.

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