Increase your Posts CTR and Conversions with These Simple Tricks

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Writing an awesome article is a hard task.

Optimizing it to deliver results is even harder.

On one side, you have made your keyword research, wrote your article, got the desired volume of words, selected your title, description and everything SEO related.

But on the other side, you have to make this content appealing for your readers, not just robots.

You want to emphasize the important stuff, show them the value of this product or service and hopefully send them to the product page, where they’ll make some sort of conversion.

Even if you are not promoting anything, a well-structured article will make your readers lives easier, they will spend more time on your page and this will improve your website’s bounce rate (good for SEO).

1. Custom Targeted Sidebar


Don’t just use one sidebar with the same widgets on all your posts. You have to know your content and what can relate with it in terms of ads or additional content.

For example, if you write about speeding the page load time, a good idea would be to add a good hosting ad banner.

If you have an older article about the best fast loading themes or any other tips about speeding a website, add a related posts custom widget and select only these posts.

Show only relevant content in your articles. Get the most of your sidebar widgets with Thrive Clever Widgets.

Make your Sidebar Sticky

A great and simple plugin you can use to make your sidebar stick when the page is scrolled is Q2W3 Fixed Widget for WordPress.

2. Add colored boxes to emphasize the valuable information

Your blog post is not a book and you have to put the effort to make the important stuff stand out.

The user will typically scroll through your page searching for the right information at the speed of light and if you can’t highlight it you’ll most likely lose him.

The web content is more and more shifting towards video and it seems the tendency will keep in the next years.

The old fashioned text articles have to turn into appealing and well structured visual articles if they want to survive in this new web era.

3. Customize your Anchor Texts

Your links are the bridges that transfer your readers to the place you’re trying to send them.

Make sure you get the most of your anchor texts in terms of styling. You don’t need to go too fancy, just make sure your links stand out from your static text.

If you want to go the extra mile, look for some custom CSS tricks on

These are some of the quick fixes you can apply to your posts right away. Know your content and readers, so you can increase their engagement and deliver valuable information with every blog post.

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