Smart Slider 3 – Finally a FREE WordPress Slider that Don’t Suck

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The WordPress Gods have heard your prayers, for a FREE slider plugin that doesn’t suck! Smart Slider 3 has all the premium features a paid slider has – and the best part – it’s Free!

You can build responsive multi-layer slides, add animations, use awesome pre-made templates, add post slides and customize the look of almost everything!

The plugin is compatible with WPBakery Page Builder and other well-known page builders available out there.

Why Smart Slider 3?

I was really excited when I first found this amazing plugin.

If you have previous experience with free slider plugins, you know how basic and old-fashioned they look, compared to some premium options like Revolution Slider.

Smart Slider felt like one of those, heck even though I’m sure there are premium sliders with a worse user interface and fewer options.

This plugin just feels premium!

And yes there is a paid version of Smart Slider 3.

For the price of $25 you will get some more functionality like Ken Burns animations and premium support, but even with the free one you get a lot and to be honest, everything you need from a slider plugin.

Smart Slider 3 Features and InterfaceSmart Slider 3 Settings

Right from the start, you will notice the sleek dashboard of Smar Slider 3.

Everything is put in the right place, so you can easily create slides the way you want.

You can switch to mobile, tablet, or PC, to see view how your slide will look on different screen sizes and adjust the elements in the best way.

For the background, you have some pretty cool features, like the option to add blur to your images, set opacity level or add cool gradients.

[alert-warning]These options can be really helpful if you don’t have experience in any photo editing softare like Photoshop. Even if you have, this is a big time saver![/alert-warning]

Working with the Layers

I find these interfaces better than any premium slider plugin I have worked with!

With the free version of Smart Slider 3 you are given 4 kinds of layers:

  • Heading layer
  • Text layer
  • Image layer
  • Button layer

And that’s basically everything you will ever need to create a slider.

All the elements could be designed very precisely to match your needs. For the text and heading, you have 40+ fonts to choose from. You can play with text decoration, size, weight, color, add hyperlinks, set tags, and even more.

Everything you create can be saved as a preset for later use, which can save you time and standardize all your slides.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a FREE Slider plugin in 2021, Smart Slider 3 is the way to go. It’s modern, easy to use, fast, and rich in features.

Thanks to the guys from NEXTEND, there are some really useful video tutorials on YouTube on how to use the Smart Slider 3 plugin.

You can download the plugin here. Enjoy!

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