⚡️Kwik Theme Review – Fast Theme Built for Speed and Conversions

what us Kwik

Overview: Kwik is the newest theme released by Thrive Themes. It’s a conversion-focused, lightweight theme optimized for better Core Web Vitals scores.

Kwik theme homepage

I will keep this review very Kwik and short.

How Fast is Kwik?

Kwik is built for speed as stated on the themes page. But what makes this speed results possible?

Everybody can see the green results, that prove the speed and quality of the theme.

Another thing that stands out is the number of requests – only 28.

I’m sure if you use good hosting and quality caching methods, you can improve and speed up your website results even more.

The fact that Kwik uses the default WordPress editor adds up to the speed of the theme, it doesn’t use any third-party page builder.

Kwik Design Elements and Blocks

Kwik theme blocks

Kwik uses the default WordPress editor (Gutenberg) and offers 191 unique blocks to choose from.

The available blocks cover all aspects of site creation – from the basic boxes and sections to more marketing-focused ones.

This is the best thing about Kwik – it gives you conversion-focused blocks that you can use to boost your leads, conversions, and sales.

And this comes from the creators’ background – Thrive Themes are one of the pioneers when it comes to providing marketing tools for WordPress businesses.

Key theme options:

  • 191 blocks
  • 35 header styles
  • 13 demo landing pages
  • 24 custom footers
  • 122 Pre-Designed page sections
  • 14 WooCommerce Store Templates
  • 7 Silo Page Templates

Who’s Kwik Suitable For?

Kwik is a perfect match for any affiliate website that bets highly on organic traffic, but not only that.

The available 13 demo homepage designs can be used by any digital agency, eCommerce, or affiliate.

No matter what your niche is Kwik will boost your conversions and traffic numbers.

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Kwik Price and How to Purchase

This is one thing that may get you confused at first.

Kwik is a part of a bigger picture – Thrive Themes.

And it is offered as a part of their Thrive Theme Builder inside Thrive Suite. Do you get confused? Let me try to explain it.

Thrive Suite is an all-in-one marketing suite, that will give you access to all the premium Thrive tools. Thrive Theme Builder is a tool inside this suite, which handles the theme creation part.

These are marketing conversion-focused tools used by top businesses and entrepreneurs.

The price of Thrive Suite is – $228 yearly (VAT excl.) or $90 quarterly.

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