xStore Theme New Marketing Features – Best WordPress e-Commerce Theme?

xStore Theme

I’ve just updated my store to the latest version of xStore theme. It’s been a while since I haven’t updated the theme. Most of the time when you do theme updates there is not something significant in terms of new features, but this time I was blown away.

xStore has always delivered new stuff and never fails to surprise me with new amazing features.

I don’t like extreme lines like “The Best Theme on the Market”, “The best 2021 theme” because everyone has different needs, and one theme may be a perfect fit for some and not so good for others.

But for me, XStore is everything I need to build a successful and modern shop.

Let’s take a quick tour around the new dashboard.

XStore New Features

With the latest update (7.2) XStore has added some premium and unique features to its core.

1. Built-in WooCommerce e-mail Builder

No more standard WooCommerce purple mails.

With this email builder, you can easily change every piece of communication your store sends to its customers. All of this is done in an easy-to-use page builder-like way.

This is a free plugin called Email Template Customizer for WooCommerce, you can check how to use this to edit the WooCommerce default emails in this post.

2. Sales Booster

This built-in Sales booster module is made of 3 different marketing tools to help you boost your conversion rates.

  1. Fake Sale Popup
  2. Free Shipping progress bar
  3. Request a quote pop-up

The fake sale popup is a popular way to increase your shop trust rate.

Such plugins are sold separately in the Code Canyon marketplace, but with xStore theme you get it for free.

You can set the countries and towns on the settings page to make it more realistic to your audience.

Progress bar is a simple cart add-on that can display the amount left to spend to get a free shipping.

The bar is animated of course, something you can’t see on the screenshot above.

Request a quote is a good option if you don’t show fixed prices on your product pages.

This add-on lets you add a button or image on your product pages that will open a pop-up with a simple contact form.

What Else xStore can Offer?

One of the great things about xStore is that almost every demo comes in two different builds – Elementor and WP Bakery Page Builder.

You can choose your preferred page builder when installing the demo content.

Plugin Installer is another great feature that comes with the theme.

You can easily install plugins from a list of suggested or required plugins with a single click. You can also update and get notified of new releases.

If you want to check the live demos head over the xStore main page and look for the design you like.

Flexible Product and Header Builders

Escape the standard pre-set options when it comes to product pages and headers.

The easy to use front-end builders will wet you customize your pages based on you store needs.

$510 Worth of Premium Plugins

  • Revolution Slider
  • WPBakery Page Builder
  • File Bird
  • QUform Builder
  • Massive Addons for WP Bakery PB
  • WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates
  • Woo Infinite Scroll

The list goes on and it will probably grow in the future.

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