The Best Themes to Build PBN with – Unlimited Installs (on many domains)

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If you have lots of domains and want to build websites on them to utilize their potential (Let’s call it PBN for shorter), the popular big marketplaces might not offer anything suitable for this goal.

When it comes to business users, with multiple projects, and also future ones coming, you need to think in bulk.

This article is for everyone searching for a solution to install a WordPress theme (premium and licensed) on multiple domains.

The Benefits of Building PBN

PBN stands for Private Blog Network. It is a network of websites that are owned by the same person or entity but appear independent from the outside.

Note that this is considered as a “Black hat” SEO practice and Google advises against it!

Some ways a PBN can be good for SEO include:

  • Link Building – A PBN allows you to build links from many different domains that point back to your main website. Getting links from diverse sources helps with Google’s algorithm rather than just links from one domain.
  • Domain Authority – Over time, as the websites in the PBN generate content and links between each other, the domain authority of all sites will increase. This can then be passed onto the main site through links. Higher domain authority tells Google the site is an authoritative source.
  • Natural Links – When appropriately done, links between PBN sites and the main site will look natural to Google since they are coming from unrelated third-party sites. This gives a more natural SEO boost compared to links from the same domain.
  • Spreading Link Juice – The link equity or “link juice” is spread across the PBN sites rather than concentrated on one domain. This makes it look more natural versus just self-linking one site repeatedly.
  • Age of Domains – Older, long-established domains generally pass more link equity. A PBN allows the utilization of many older domains for linking purposes.

So in summary, a properly built and operated PBN can provide valuable backlinks from many different sources to boost SEO, but it needs to be implemented carefully to avoid coming across as unnatural or manipulative to search engines.

The Benefits of Unlimited Theme Installs with One License

One of the biggest benefits of using themes with unlimited installs is cost-effectiveness.

With a single purchase, you can use the theme on as many websites as you need without paying any extra fees.

This can save you a lot of money in the long run, especially if you run multiple websites or plan to build more in the future.

Another advantage is flexibility. With unlimited installs, you can use the theme on different types of websites, including personal blogs, business sites, and e-commerce stores. You can also experiment with different designs and layouts without having to purchase a new theme for each site.

WordPress Themes to Build PBN with – Support For Unlimited Domains

WordPress Themes that Offer Unlimited Installs
Themify logo

Themify – $89

  • 42 themes
  • 11 plugins
  • Page Builder & Addons
  • Unlimited domains
superbthemes logo

SuperbThemes – $59 (limited time)

  • 51 Premium Themes
  • 139 Child Themes
  • Premium plugins & Support
  • Unlimited domains
GeneratePress logo

GeneratePress – $59

  • 99 Premium Themes
  • Block-based theme builder
  • Full access to the Site Library
  • up to 500 domains

So if you are an SEO agency, or business building a network of sites, or even a freelance webmaster with lots of ideas, then these companies got you covered!

Whether you are building a PBN (Private Blog Network) with WordPress, or you just need a flexible and reliable solution for your client’s projects, these providers got you covered!

You can use any of these themes on as many websites as you desire, whether they are for your own use, business purposes, or client projects.

Here are the best WordPress theme vendors if you want endless installs on unlimited domains.


Themify Master Club description

Themify Master Club

Themify Master Club gives you access to 42 themes and 11 plugins + additional add-ons.

The themes you will get with Themify are versatile enough. Their popular flagship theme – Ultra has 40+ demos and endless design options with their own page builder – Builder PRO.

If you are looking for e-commerce functionality, Shoppe Theme is another included option you can use for your shop.

The list of themes and templates goes on and includes – Corporate, Elegant, Clean, Modern, Magazine, and Landing page themes.

All themes look unique and have different designs, some look modern, and some have a classic more old-school look. This is important so your sites don’t look all the same if you are building a blog network.

View All Themes

Themify Price

You can get all Themify themes for as low as $89 per year. (That’s Themify Master Club)

For $89 you will get unlimited installs on as many domains as you wish, updates, and new products that might appear.

What I like about the Themify subscription is that it won’t auto-renew after it expires and you can keep the themes up and running without any problems.

If you’d like to keep receiving updates – you’ll have to manually renew again.

Clear as that.

Themify Bonuses and promo codes

  • Switch to Themify and get 50% off – a 50% discount by just sending the URL of your website and a screenshot of the receipt you have for your website theme, from another vendor.
Visit Themify


Homepage of

SuperbThemes has a portfolio of 40 SEO-optimized, modern, and fast WordPress themes.

You’ll also get access to their plugins developed specifically for Themify themes.

You can get all themes and plugins with unlimited installs with an annual, or lifetime subscription.

SuperbThemes Price

You can choose from the following options:

  • Business Subscription$92 $69 / year
  • Lifetime Access$249 $149 (One time purchase)

*Both plans support unlimited domains

Visit SuperbThemes


GeneratePress is a well-established platform and one of the best choices for WordPress themes when it comes to speed.

Number of websites allowed

You can install GeneratePress on up to 500 domains with the premium license.


Two premium plans are available

  • $59 / yearly
  • $249 one-time payment

Both plans have the same benefits and give you the option to install GeneratePress on up to 500 websites.

GP Site Library

If you are familiar with demo content or starter websites, GeneratePress’s Site Library is something similar.

You can install the preferred pre-built theme/look with just a few clicks.

GeneratePress themes

GeneratePress is known for its clean designs and fast speed, this makes all the templates in the site library perfect for SEO and content marketing.

Visit GeneratePress


Homepage of

MTS or MyThemeShop is a well-established vendor and creator of the best WordPress SEO plugin – RankMath!

MyThemeShop used to have a large list of premium themes, but for some reason right now they offer only 8 themes!

MyThemeShop price

You can get all themes and plugins with unlimited installs and updates for $199 / year.

Visit MTS

Personal vs. Business license when it comes to WP Themes

Today, all professional themes require activation, most often through a license code. So repeated use is not an option.

This means that when a theme is activated on one domain, it often cannot be used on another.

If you like Theme ‘X’ (there is an actual theme called X, but I don’t mean it in particular here :D) and you buy a personal license, it will cost you $59 for example.

If you want to install your theme on a second domain, you need to order it again, for the same price, in order to receive a second license key.

And here comes the big problem with using one theme on multiple websites.

Is it possible to use a ThemeForest theme on multiple websites?

All ThemeForest themes are sold under one license – Standard. This means 1 purchase = 1 domain.

How about the Extended Envato License?

You have seen the option to go with an Extended license which is the more expensive (a lot) and can be very confusing at first.

The Extended License on ThemeForest themes is not giving you the right to use your theme on multiple websites!

regular vs extended license on Themeforest.

This option is aimed at people who will create a final product and sell it.

I honestly don’t understand where the profit would be in that. But like I said, I don’t understand this kind of stuff.

Envato explains all this absolutely clearly here:

Example: A website theme can only be customized to create one customized website. If you want to create a second website from the same theme, you should purchase another license.

The problem with variety and unique design

Some themes can be used on multiple websites, and their authors are ok with this.

However, even if you find a good enough theme that allows for this, you will lack diversity and have the same website looks (or very similar) on all of your websites.

The best solutions known to date, for all businesses and agencies who need to build lots of websites using a single license, save money, and keep the variety and randomness in the final looks…are the ones listed below!

These vendors give you full access to all their products (WordPress themes and plugins), for a single fee, usually charged annually.

With this service you will get:

  • Unlimited installs on any number of Domains
  • New themes added often
  • Updates and Support for existing themes
  • The same framework and code for all themes (could be huge)
  • Do I need to pay for each website I use a theme with unlimited installs on?

    No, you only need to pay once for a theme with unlimited installs, and you can use it on as many websites as you need.

  • What types of themes work best for PBN sites?

    WordPress themes that resemble authentic blogs, magazines, or niche-specific sites tend to work best. You’ll want to choose themes that are flexible and allow for customization, as this will make your PBN sites appear more unique from one another. If a theme comes with pre-made demo content, that can speed up the initial setup process. However, be sure to modify all content across your PBN so it doesn’t look cookie-cutter. Focus on selecting less common, niche-oriented themes to avoid any patterns that could link the sites together in search engines. Diversity between sites is important for a natural-looking PBN.

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