Never Use Nulled WordPress Themes or Plugins – Here’s Why

This is my story of using nulled WordPress themes and a lesson I learned the hard way.

When I was starting with WordPress, I was 14 years old and of course, I didn’t have much money. More than that, I was clueless about how to pay for something online.

No debit card, no PayPal, no nothing.

Searching for better WordPress resources I quickly realized that the better ones are all premium.

This made me find alternative ways to get these amazing themes and plugins that would have made my websites look awesome.

A quick Google search showed me websites that offer themes and plugins for free. What a deal! I thought.

For lots of new users it can seem great to have these resources uploaded and shared for free, but what the majority of people don’t realize is that the ‘free stuff comes with a very high hidden price.

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My experience with nulled WordPress themes

Using Nulled WordPress themes

My first bad experience with a nulled theme came a few months after I first installed it on one of my flash games websites.

All of a sudden one day I visited my domain to see it was hacked. The homepage was displaying a dark background with some nonsense messages.

I contacted my hosting provider to ask for help, they restore a backup and deleted the infected files, but a few months later the same thing happened again.

Another story with a nulled theme I had was when random links started to appear in my articles, links to gambling, or adult content websites.

These sorts of things can lead to your whole domain being penalized from Google forever.

My ‘favorite’ story with a nulled theme is when I decided to build a website for my friend’s wedding day. To save the couple some money I pick a theme and found it for free.

I created the website and forget it.

Few weeks before the wedding day, my friend called and told me:

“A guest tried to register for the wedding and told me the website redirected him to a manhood enlargement pills website. It was also filling the Google calendar of visitors with spam events.

And this is just the ‘funny’ side of using nulled themes or plugins.

Stay away form sites like:


You can seriously damage your whole hosting account!

Other negative consequences of using nulled software

The reality is that you don’t know what to expect and when to expect it. Some of the scripts that got injected are so advanced you can even not realize something bad is going on.

It can redirect your URLs, add links, put pop-ups to your pages, dig bitcoins, steal sensitive information about your users, and many more.

Nonetheless, you can have legal issues because using such software is considered piracy. You are harming the developers and stealing their work.

You also won’t get any updates and support, compared to using the original product, which can be crucial in times.

Final Thoughts and Suggestions

Using nulled WordPress products is just not worth it. Today there is a huge variety of themes and plugins. The market got so big and the competition is furious, thus leading to great offers for customers and regular discounts.

For example, MyThemeShop has regular sales and promo campaigns that can save you big.

I got this theme that I’m using right now for just $13!

Also, ThemeForest – the biggest marketplace for themes and plugins, runs regular sale campaigns and you could find great deals there as well.

With page builders like Elementor, you can build a custom website, even with a free theme.

The options are so many today and using a nulled theme is far from the smartest one you can make.

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