Add Summary Box to your Reviews to Increase Conversions (Free Template)

Are you writing amazing detailed reviews with valuable information? Long articles are great for SEO and you should totally stick to them.

On the other side, you have your readers, actual human beings (in a hurry most of the day) that want to find the information they search for in the fastest way possible, or they can get annoyed and leave your website.

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Then you have your conversion goals, you want to design your posts in a way that suggests a call to action in an intuitive and not too pushy manner.

Here’s an easy piece of shortcodes that you can try for your product reviews or for whatever other purposes you chose.

The Summary Box

This box is telling the user what is all about within a few seconds. It’s responsible and it will integrate smoothly with any theme and post layout.

Here is the live preview first:

You’ll need the following plugins:

  • Olevmedia Shortcodes or simmilar
  • YASR or simmilar for star rating
  • Any button shortcode or image
  • 300×200 image


Free Template

Just copy the following code and paste it to your post, modify it and see how will look.

<img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-871" src="" alt="" width="350" height="200" />
You'll need the following plugins: <ul> <li>Olevmedia Shortcodes or simmilar</li> <li>YASR or simmilar for star rating</li> <li>Any button shortcode or image</li> <li>300x200 image</li> </ul> <center>[yasr_overall_rating]</center>

If you have activated all the suggested plugins and pasted the above code in your post/page text editor you should have the same summary box as the example above!


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