Best WordPress Cryptocurrency Plugins (Price list, Graphs, Tickers, Tables)

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Cryptocurrency is the hottest topic right now and it looks like it’s here to stay. We can’t predict where the price will go, will the Bitcoin hit $100K by the end of the year or will go down to its 2017 rates.

This crypto boom unlocked a whole new niche for marketers and webmasters to create cryptocurrency related websites. If you are a crypto blogger or plan to launch a blog about cryptos, these plugins will definitely make your life easier.

With this handy plugins, you can add automated cryptocurrency graphs, price lists, banners and other informational elements to complete your sites look.

There are already some premium Crypto themes on the ThemeForest marketplace. Some of these themes come packed with unique plugins as well.

In this post, we’ll show you the best cryptocurrency plugins you can get, both premium and free, and how you can make use of this tools on your site.

1. WP Ultimate Crypto

This plugin is pretty amazing and it does a lot for a free plugin. You can display real-time cryptocurrency info from the API in several cool ways:

  • List – Selected cryptocurrencies in a nifty list with an icon, price, and 24h change. Perfect fit to your sidebar.

cryptos list with icons and price

  • Grid – This will create a stylish grid of coin boxes, just look how good they look:

  • Text – Add anywhere in your paragraphs info about any cryptocurrency.

The best thing about Ultimate Crypto is that the plugin is new and I’m sure it will get upgraded in the future to offer even more amazing tools.

You will need this page to figure out how to use the plugin’s custom shortcode settings!

2. Crypto Coin Ticker

Another cool free cryptocurrency plugin for displaying a list of selected currencies.

Crypto Coin Ticker has fewer display options than the Ultimate Crypto plugin, but it comes with a cool “Crypto Wallet Calculator” Dashboard Widget. This tool will calculate the value of all your cryptos in case you have any (I don’t).

The list is looking pretty similar to the one provided by Ultimate Crypto, so the choice is up to you.

3. Download Cryptocurrency Rocket Tools

This plugin provides handy tools like graphs, crypto calculator and a table of cryptocurrencies.

The table has sorting options, pagination, search feature and responsive behavior. You can also choose which columns to display and which to hide.

It’s pretty dope table, to be honest.

The graph also looks sleek, you can customize the colors.

4. Cryptocurrency Price Ticker Widget PRO

This premium plugin uses both and APIs to show real time updates of more then 100 cryptocurrencies.

The four types of shortcodes you can generate are the following:

  • Ticker
  • List Widget
  • Price Label
  • Price Card

Currently, you can choose from 4 design styles of the widgets.

Enjoy this cryptocurrency plugins and try how you can implement them to fit your pages and make sense to your users.

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